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DDAC Bus-exclusive Axle P1301 Released in Tianjin

2015-11-04 15:55:37    hit:3152
 In the morning of September 11, “Tianjin International Coach, Buses and Maintenance tools Exhibition in 2015” was kicked off in the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center of Tianjin. By taking advantage of the exhibition, Dongfeng Dana Axle Co., Ltd., the leading enterprise in the axle industry of China, held its new product release meeting here. With making great efforts for 3 years and incorporating the global latest technologies, P1301 release indicated the development direction of current bus axle. This represents that DDAC began to accelerate the pace of structural adjustment for products and promote transformation and upgrading.

This important moment was witnessed by General Manager- Mr. Michael Lembke, Executive Deputy General Manager Mr. Jin Renyong, Deputy General Manager Mr. Liu Guoqing and important strategic customer representatives of DDAC, and the release meeting is hosted by Wang Jun, the Deputy General Manager of DDAC. The new energy bus axle S130 (S110), 382 and 462 and low floor axle were displayed in the exhibition and gained wide attention of professional media. At the same time, many visitors were attracted and these axles became extremely popular. 

As a leader in the domestic axle industry, DDAC has focused on the research and development of new energy bus driven axle all the time and advocated the concept of “five generations of new energy axles”. The P1301 released in this exhibition is the third generation of new energy bus axle, which is the brand new product of DDAC based on enough market research. This product is built according to the application features of current bus market with the parent company — Dana Holding Corporation, and geared to international standards. P1301 has two platforms in 11 and 13 tons separately, which becomes the new standard fitting for 10-12 meters city buses (including new energy buses) and 10-13.7 meters tourist buses. Meanwhile, it can satisfy the requirements of various new energy buses. 


P1301 adopts the standardized and modular design, and has been awarded with 15 national patents at present. Compared with old products, its performance is improved completely with more mature technology and better cost performance. It is a brand new product with high reliability, high efficiency, high comfort, high maintenance interval, and safety. Lightweight design makes it approximately 26kg lighter than similar products in the market; the 2.69-7.17 range of speed ratio makes customers can select more flexibly; the patented lubricating oil filter can improve the transmission efficiency for 2-3% and make the vehicle operate more efficiently in fuel-efficient mode; the new antifriction structure design, high standard parts cleanliness and advanced lubrication purification system improve the maintenance mileage interval to 100,000 kilometers and bring more economic operation for users; the quality assurance mileage is extended to 3 years or 300,000 kilometers, which saves the maintenance time and reduces the maintenance cost significantly for users; unique gear design and structure design make the noise level be lower than the noise level of domestic mainstream competitive products for 4-6 dB, which brings better ride feeling and comfort for drivers; the brake system matching is optimized, which makes braking more secure. 

During the introduction of product, our General Manager Michael said that, P1301 focused on the future bus development, was customized according to the demands of users in bus market, and it was a product with excellent quality. Its key components are purchased around the world. In addition, DDAC relocates its Xiangyang plant to high-tech zone, a plant with a history of more than 40 years and located in downtown area. Presently, the latest manufacturing technologies are provided for parts machining, drive head assembly and off-line detection in Xiangyang plant, so as to ensure the excellent quality of P1301. 


Jin Renyong, Executive Deputy General Manager, said in his speech that, P1301 was unique in product design and superior in product performance, which would definitely offer the convenience and value beyond imagination for end users. As a leader in the domestic axle industry, DDAC will also launch the fourth and fifth generation of new energy bus axles in the coming 5-10 years, i.e., motor and drive head integration driven axle and wheel hub motor driven axle, so as to promote the development of new energy buses.