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【Product】DDAC P1301 Bus-exclusive Axle

2016-02-16 11:08:00    hit:3856

P1301 is a brand new bus axle developed by DDAC and adopts the global latest technologies of DANA. Meanwhile, it is also an integral part of DANA global product portfolio with 15 patents. It is applicable to the following vehicles: 

10-12 meters city buses (including new energy buses)

10-13.7 meters tourist buses

Technical parameters


Product advantages (4H.S): 

1. High reliability

More than 100 test items will be performed for a single part

More than 200 samples will be tested for the axle assembly

More than 20 times of user environment tests will be conducted

The lifetime of P1301 assembly platform is longer than that of competitive products

Quality assurance mileage of axle assembly:  3 years or 300K kilometers

2. High efficiency

P1301 axle assembly is approximately 26KG lighter than similar products, which is beneficial for tare weight reduction and fuel consumption improvement; 

The minimum speed ratio of P1301 is 2.69, which can cancel the over-speed gear of transmission and improve the transmission efficiency for 2-3%; 

P1301 has patented lubrication system and strict cleanliness requirements, which can ensure sufficient lubrication and promote transmission efficiency. 

3. High comfort

Compared with similar products, NVH can be reduced for 4-6 db.

4. High Maintenance Interval

P1301 adopts new antifriction structure design, applies the high standard parts cleanliness, better lubrication effect and more professional oil products guarantee, and increases the maintenance mileage interval of P1301; 

The maintenance mileage interval of P1301 is 100K kilometers, which is much higher than that of competitive products; maintenance time is saved and maintenance cost is reduced. 


The brake is with high capacity, which can meet the requirement of system pressure increase, and the fatigue life is much longer than the industry standard; 

The cam support adopts knuckle bearing, which makes braking more efficient; 

The axle tube manufacturing technology is optimized, which makes bearing more reliable; 

The maintenance-free wheel-end is applied, which can prevent the wheel end from being burned; 


For P1301, the driving system stiffness is optimized comprehensively and the positive and negative shock resistance of gear is improved; at the same time, it is proved that P1301 is more suitable to the application conditions of new energy vehicles by strict bench test validation and complete vehicle NVH test.